Mistakes to avoid when installing balustrade in your home
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Mistakes to avoid when installing balustrade in your home

Mistakes to avoid when installing balustrade in your home

Jun - 15 - 2018

Glass balustrades serve a practical purpose while offering an aesthetical appeal to your home. Installing one in your desired location may seem like a relatively simple task but to be honest, there are quite a few pitfalls you want to avoid when doing such projects. Or else, your balustrade can very easily turn into an expensive mistake.

Here’s the list of common mistakes people make when starting on balustrading project. Have a look:

  1. Starting on a blank slate: Research, research, research! Take time to learn and understand the benefits, function, and style of each option, and you’ll see that this simple move will take off almost half of your worries.
  2. Focusing purely on the aesthetics: Practical considerations should not be neglected as balustrades have a very important role to play as far as safety is concerned too. Choosing a style that will not prevent you from falling over the side of a staircase or with handrails that are too slippery to be of any real use could turn out to be a very big mistake.
  3. Prioritising cost over safety: The cheapest option may be the best option in certain cases but definitely it is not in this case. Design features, safety, durability, and delivery times all need to be considered at the same time as price.
  4. Not involving an expert: While you may want to save some money by installing a balustrade on your own, trying to do it yourself without having the proper knowledge, skill or experience may actually may end up being more costly than hiring professional help.
  5. Paralysis by analysis: Getting too many quotes can get confusing and actually make the decision making a lot harder. It is recommended that you get 2-3 quotes, after researching the most reputable companies, and compare those quotes on value for money, lead times, quality of product and what is included.
  6. Ignoring the maintenance aspect: Before jumping into decisions, it’s always a smart idea to count in the maintenance factor. Think about how much time and effort you are willing to pay for your balustrade maintenance and decide accordingly.

If you have any other queries or need assistance regarding balustrade or glass fence installation, consult with our team and we will provide you with the best option available.

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